Monday, January 11, 2010

Streamlining my social media world

Most of you know me as @darthsunshine on Twitter.  Or know that Darth Sunshine is the best nickname ever bestowed on me by by amazing brother, @Skipster73

Well--while Fanstampulous has been a cute name for my stamping business--it doesn't really "fit" me. It "too cute" I think.  AND I won't JUST be stamping anymore--I have pulled out my amazing sewing machine and late last year got back into my crocheting. And....well....I just would like to keep ONE thing in my life simple.

SO, from now on my blog is

This will be my last post here. So if you've come here looking for Dana at Fanstampulous...please click above :D See you over there!

1 comment:

Leslie Hanna said...

Duly noted, Missy!

WV: gench

I can be a real gench pre-caffeine.